Rising Tide of Healthcare Unionization: Nurses and Doctors Unite for Patient-Centered Care in a Profit-Driven System

“Unions and Healthcare Workers: A Prescription for Healthcare by Rose Roach” – WFHB, February 2024

Nurses and doctors are taking a stand against the corporatization of the healthcare industry by joining unions. As Rose Roach, former director of the Minnesota Nurses Association and current National Coordinator of the Labor Campaign for Single Payer, explains, “Doctors and nurses are the conscience of health care. They are the voice for us as patients.” In an increasingly profit-driven system, where Wall Street is buying up healthcare providers for their own gain, it is clear that radical change is needed to create a humane, patient-provider centered system.

That’s why Roach believes that more physicians are exploring unions as a way to ensure they can practice medicine according to their training, rather than being dictated to by corporate bosses who prioritize profits over patient care. “Our doctors and nurses are coming together to fight against that ever-growing focus of our health care system,” she says.

In Indiana, this collective struggle is already happening at IU Health’s University and Methodist hospitals where nurses have been eyeing unionization. Medicare for All Indiana, an organization advocating for universal healthcare in Indiana, encourages people to stay tuned for updates on this issue on their Facebook page.

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