Rising Seas and Shifting Borders: Western Finland’s Land Uplift Creates New Coastlines and Uncertain Future

Is the Baltic Sea going to turn into a lake?

Western Finland is experiencing an increase in land uplift, resulting in a new coastline every year. While the Perämere region is rising at an alarming rate, it’s not the only factor affecting Finnish geography. According to Professor Antti Ojala from the University of Turku, traces of ancient sea levels can be seen in formations like devil’s fields, remnants of old beach pebbles.

Around 20,000 years ago, Finland was covered by a continental ice sheet. As the ice melted, the land began to rise with the greatest increase observed around Pärämere region. However, this area is not the only one affected by land uplift as there are other regions that are also experiencing it.

The Merenkurku region in Western Finland is known for its exposed seabed, characterized by rocky land and De Geer moraine ramparts. This area has been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its unique geological features. The current rate of land uplift in this region is about 9-10 millimeters per year in the sea cucumber area.

Future projections suggest that it may be possible to walk from Vaasa to Umeå as the land uplift continues. However, while this is exciting news, we must not ignore the impact of sea level rise on Finland’s coastlines which could lead to uncertainties surrounding global warming and glacier melting rates. It’s crucial that we monitor these changes and their potential effects on our country’s geography before they become too significant for us to handle them easily.

In conclusion, while Western Finland may experience a new coastline every year due to land uplift, it’s important not to overlook other factors that affect Finnish geography such as ancient sea levels and future projections about sea level rise on our country’s coastlines. We must pay attention to these changes and their potential effects on our country’s environment so that we can take necessary actions before it’s too late.

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