Rising Concerns over Healthcare Mergers and Acquisitions: States Look to Strengthen Oversight Programs

States are intensifying their examination of health mergers and acquisitions

Despite being a major player in the healthcare industry, Optum has grown significantly over the years, with ownership or affiliation with over 90,000 providers, which accounts for nearly 10% of all physicians in the United States. Most of these acquisitions have gone unnoticed by the public, but a recent purchase in Oregon has attracted significant attention from state regulators.

Oregon is at the forefront of advocating for increased oversight in healthcare mergers and acquisitions. The state already has some of the most stringent health care market oversight laws in the country, and other states such as Illinois, Minnesota, and New York have followed suit. This trend is likely to continue in the near future as five more states consider legislation to begin or expand their own oversight programs.

The growing trend towards increased scrutiny and regulation of healthcare industry mergers and acquisitions reflects a concern about the potential negative impact on patients and consumers. As more companies consolidate their power in the industry, there is a risk that they may prioritize profits over patient care or limit access to certain treatments or services. By implementing stricter regulations and oversight programs, states are seeking to ensure that these concerns are addressed and that patients’ rights are protected.

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