Rising Challenges for Catering Companies: A Shortage of Workers Plagues the Industry

Despite the growing increase in out-of-home consumption, the restaurant sector is still facing difficulties in finding staff. According to an analysis by the Fipe-Confcommercio research office, over 150 thousand employees are needed in the current quarter. The lack of candidates, particularly in reference to dining room staff, could slow down the positive path the sector has undertaken.

In contrast to this challenge, catering continues to be highly attractive for female entrepreneurs, with the average incidence of businesses led by women being 21.4%. Additionally, the sector enjoys particular appeal among young people, with one company in ten being managed by individuals under 35.

The lack of proper media coverage and public opinion framing is also an issue for the catering industry. Many media outlets tend to focus on sensationalized aspects, neglecting the value, social, and economic components of these businesses. This was highlighted during the initiative ‘Catering in communication. Values, prejudices and exploitations’ by the president of Fipe, Lino Enrico Stoppani, who emphasized the need for a new approach to communication that involves both operators and communication professionals.

To address these challenges and promote a better understanding of the sector and its contribution to

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