Rising Alcohol and Drug Use among IDF Soldiers and their Families: Findings from a Report by the Association of Social Workers

IDF Soldiers Turning to Alcohol and Drugs to Cope with Injuries: Report

The use of alcohol and drugs among IDF soldiers who have been wounded in combat is becoming increasingly prevalent, according to a report by the Association of Social Workers. This report, which was released on Monday, February 12, through Davar1, states that 58% of social workers surveyed reported an increase in alcohol and drug use among wounded military personnel. Additionally, 64% of social workers reported difficulties with parenting and 59% reported worsening behavior among children in the families of those called up for reservist service.

Among both military personnel themselves and their family members, 19.11% reported abuse of alcohol and drugs, as well as addictive medications in survivors of military injuries and their loved ones. A majority (58.5%) of them reported a worsening situation with alcohol and drugs after “Black Saturday” on October 7. Psychological and psychiatric problems were also reported by 68.52% of the families of victims, with 66.56% reporting worsening psychological problems.

The educational situation in the families of injured military personnel has deteriorated for many, with 21.76% of social workers reporting a decline in this area. The majority (57.9%) stated that this decline occurred after the start of the war. Economic difficulties were also reported by 39.41%, while problems with employment were experienced by 33.82%.

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