RIDGID: Celebrating 25 Years of Innovation and Leadership in the Professional Tools Industry

RIDGID celebrates 25 years of success

RIDGID, a brand under Emerson’s professional tools portfolio, is celebrating its 25th anniversary. In 1999, the brand brought press technology to North America for joining copper, carbon steel, and stainless steel tubing. This flameless operation promises secure connections in under five seconds, regardless of whether the environment is wet or dry.

Since then, RIDGID has continued to innovate. They were the first to introduce the lithium-ion battery for press tools, as well as the first press tool accessories designed for cutting strut and soil pipe. Additionally, they were pioneers in developing tools for pressing iron pipe and swivel rings to access tight spaces. These advancements have helped solidify RIDGID’s position as a leader in the professional tools industry.

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