Revolutionizing the Financial Sector: Finastra Appoints Mike Stawchansky as Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Innovation Officer

Chief Technology Innovation Officer appointed at Finastra

Finastra has recently appointed Mike Stawchansky as the Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Innovation Officer. In his new role, Mike works within the Office of the CEO and is responsible for driving Finastra’s customer technology and innovation initiatives. He expressed his excitement about joining Finastra and mentioned his admiration for the company’s dedication to providing cutting-edge technology solutions to customers.

Mike also highlighted the advanced generative AI (Gen AI) team at Finastra, which he now leads. He looks forward to expanding on the existing technology solutions and bringing more customer-facing innovations to the market. As a part of his responsibilities, Mike reports to Finastra CEO Simon Paris and oversees the customer technology senior leadership team. His focus is on promoting operational excellence in customer technology and driving innovation in Gen AI.

Simon Paris commended Mike on his expertise in building modern tech stacks and cloud transformations, highlighting the value that Mike’s knowledge will bring to Finastra. He emphasized the company’s commitment to offering open technology solutions that drive business growth and efficiencies to empower financial institutions. With over 25 years of experience, including senior roles at Salesforce and WebMD, Mike Stawchansky brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his new role at Finastra, positioning the company to continue delivering innovative technology solutions to its customers under his leadership.

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