Revolutionizing the Concrete Industry: LTU Launches Groundbreaking Bachelor’s Degree Program in Concrete Technology and Management

LTU Launches Innovative Concrete Technology & Management Bachelor’s Program

The Michigan Concrete Association has partnered with LTU to launch a groundbreaking program that is the first of its kind in the country. This Bachelor of Science in Concrete Technology and Management is designed to equip industry professionals with the skills and knowledge needed for success in the concrete industry. Students will learn everything from mix design to batching, consolidating to testing, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the field.

The program goes beyond technical skills, also emphasizing the importance of business acumen for leadership in the industry. Students will develop the skills to meet the needs of clients, workers, and other stakeholders, guiding projects from conception to completion. This unique program sets a new standard for the training of professionals in the creation and use of concrete.

Two professors from LTU’s Civil & Architectural Engineering program lead the program, providing students with expert instruction and guidance. Those interested in learning more about the program can visit…

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