Revolutionizing Mental Health: A Seminar with Dr. Shekhar Saxena and the Countdown Global Mental Health 2030 Initiative

Global Mental Health 2030: Tracking Mental Health and Well-being at the Population Level

On Wednesday, March 20th, a seminar with Dr. Shekhar Saxena will be held from 1-1:50 PM. The seminar will take place in FXB G12 for in-person attendance or online for virtual participation. During the seminar, Dr. Saxena will provide an overview of monitoring population-level mental health and wellbeing, as well as discuss the methodology developed in the Countdown Global Mental Health 2030 initiative, which involves the World Health Organization (WHO) and UNICEF as partner agencies. A demonstration of the online portal will be included in the seminar, along with a discussion on the relevance of the Countdown approach for mental health policy and future directions for the initiative. Lunch will also be provided during the seminar.

Dr. Shekhar Saxena is currently a Professor of the Practice of Global Mental Health at the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health. He has a background in psychiatry and previously worked at the World Health Organization (WHO) in Geneva for 20 years, serving as the director of mental health and substance abuse during his last 8 years with the organization. Dr. Saxena played a key role in the development of the Mental Health Action Plan adopted by the World Health Assembly in 2013 and has authored over 350 academic papers. His expertise lies in providing evidence-based advice and technical assistance to policy makers, businesses, and civil society on mental health issues.

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