Revolutionizing Elections: Exclusive Webinar on Blockchain-Powered Voting Engine Launches on New Tech Platform

New Platform Tech, a cutting-edge technology company, has developed a blockchain algorithm multiplier that aims to help undiscovered female singers and songwriters brand themselves to stardom. The company is excited to announce a live webinar featuring CEO Ray Hall on November 28th at 11:00 AM PST. During the webinar, an overview of the company’s pioneering TNFS Voting Engine Blockchain Algorithm Multiplier™ will be provided, and participants will have an opportunity to engage in an open Q&A session.

The innovative blockchain technology developed by New Platform Tech is set to revolutionize the digital entertainment landscape. With the introduction of groundbreaking music voting software, a WEB3 Platform, and blockchain auction technology, the company aims to capitalize on the remarkable growth of the music industry, which surged to a staggering $26.2 billion in 2022. This cutting-edge technology holds promise for emerging talents in the music industry. Artists can expect increased exposure, the chance to earn substantial income from their content, and secure recording contracts. Additionally, they may have the opportunity to secure lucrative music publishing deals and win prizes of up to $3 million.

The free online event provides a unique insight into the groundbreaking technology set to reshape the music industry. Interested participants can register for the event on the company’s website. For more information about New Platform Tech, please visit their website or contact CEO Ray Hall at 702-830-5352 ext 101 or

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