Revolutionizing Cancer Diagnosis: Imagene’s AI-Powered Technology Saves Lives and Improves Efficiency

Advancements in Israeli technology: AI-assisted biopsy

An innovative development at the Sheba Medical Center has revolutionized the process of diagnosing cancerous tumors. The new technology, developed by Tel Aviv start-up company imagene, utilizes artificial intelligence to identify countless characterizations of cancerous tumors within minutes. This technology has greatly improved the speed and accuracy of diagnosis, ultimately saving lives in the process.

The digital scanning devices used in this process have replaced traditional glass slides for biopsies, allowing doctors to view samples from anywhere in the world and even from home. This has greatly increased accessibility and efficiency in diagnosing cancerous tumors.

In the first phase of implementation at Sheba Medical Center, the technology was applied to cancerous tumors after being pioneers in digital scans of biopsies. The computers in the pathology laboratory now work overtime to analyze these samples and provide an initial diagnosis within a few minutes. This allows medical teams to quickly make informed decisions about treatment options for patients, ultimately saving lives.

One example of this is with patients who came in with metastatic lung cancer. Prior to this technology, they had to wait three weeks for genetic sequencing of their tumor before receiving an initial answer. With the new technology, this initial answer is received within a few minutes and is checked as a precautionary measure before being forwarded to an oncologist for treatment options decision making process.

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