Revolutionizing Additive Manufacturing: Renishaw’s Tempus Technology Boosts Productivity without Compromising Quality

Renishaw Technology Shortens Metal AM Build Times

Renishaw’s Tempus technology is a game changer for users of its additive manufacturing (AM) systems. With this new technology, users can enhance productivity without compromising on part quality. The technology includes a new scanning algorithm for Renishaw’s RenAM 500 series of metal AM systems, which allows the laser to fire while the recoater is in motion, resulting in time savings of up to nine seconds per build layer.

These time savings can lead to a reduction in build time of up to 50% over the cycle of the build, all while maintaining the quality of the final part. The high productivity benefits of Tempus technology are particularly evident in parts with thin, vertical features. The advanced scanning algorithms optimize the sequencing of layer data to maximize productivity while ensuring part quality remains high.

With Tempus technology, lasers track the movement of the recoater as it spreads a layer of powder, melting the powder as it is spread. This eliminates the need for the laser to wait for the recoater to finish its stroke before firing, resulting in a more efficient process with reduced dwell time per layer. As the recoater moves on to the next layer, the lasers complete processing the current layer and start on the next layer simultaneously, further reducing cycle times.

The retrofit kit for existing RenAM 500 series systems allows customers to upgrade their systems and increase their productivity with Tempus technology. It has similar effects as adding an extra laser to

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