Revolutionary AI-driven Imaging Technology Unveiled: Universal Tone with Advanced Multi-Skin Tone Capabilities

Tecno, a globally recognized leader in mobile imaging technology, has announced its latest advancement in camera technology, the Tecno Universal Tone. This revolutionary AI-powered multi-skin tone imaging technology integrates the industry’s most advanced spectral database and insights. Developed through collaboration between Tecno and leading color science academics from top universities worldwide, this cutting-edge technology has been enhanced with new data collected and analyzed from scientific research.

Tecno Universal Tone’s debut was showcased in the “Portrait For Everyone” short film produced by BBC StoryWorks. Designed to deliver precise representations of skin tones, this technology emphasizes inclusivity and customization. Jack Guo, general manager of Tecno, highlighted the brand’s commitment to fostering a positive mindset through technological innovation during the unveiling.

The Universal Tone technology employs a rigorous scientific, data-based approach to ensure an accurate reflection of diverse global beauty standards. It uses three engines: the Multi-Skin Tone Restoration Engine, the Local-Tuning Engine, and an AI-powered Computational Portrait Engine. These engines work together seamlessly to provide users with high-quality portraits that capture their unique features accurately.

Guided by its user-centric philosophy and “Stop At Nothing” strategy, Tecno continues to push boundaries in technological innovation. The development of Tecno Universal Tone represents a significant milestone towards creating a more inclusive smartphone industry. This cutting-edge technology underscores the brand’s dedication to enhancing user experiences globally.

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