Revamping Investigative Journalism: GIJN’s New and Improved Resource Center for Journalists

Global Investigative Journalism Network Updates Databases on Migration, Business and Trade, Food and Agriculture, Health and Medicine

Investigative journalism is a complex and challenging field that requires journalists to rely on accurate research and data sourcing to uncover important information, especially when working on cross-border reporting projects. At the Global Investigative Journalism Network (GIJN), we are committed to providing journalists with the best possible resources to support their work.

To this end, we have recently updated and revised our topic-specific databases to ensure that our members have access to the most up-to-date information. This process will continue in the coming weeks as we release additional databases and resource lists.

One of our key resources is our migration database, which provides links to global migration organizations, reports, and region-specific immigration, human trafficking, and labor rights monitoring groups. This database is just one example of the valuable tools that are available at our Resource Center, maintained by GIJN to support investigative journalists in their work.

Another important resource is our business and trade database, which offers market analysis tools, global datasets, import/export trade data, global shipping statistics, databases of business registries, offshore banking accounts, and a list of economic experts. This database is designed to help journalists understand the complexities of global commerce and identify potential areas for investigation.

For those interested in food and agriculture, our database includes information on global food organizations, regional and national food and agriculture agencies

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