Renault’s Espace: A Transformation From Minivan to Impressive SUV with Practicality and Economy

The evolution of Espace: Still the most impressive Renault

Renault’s Espace has become one of the most iconic models in the company’s lineup. Originally a minivan, it underwent a significant transformation with its latest generation, moving from a crossover SUV to a traditional large SUV. This shift mirrors broader changes in the automotive industry as a whole, with the rise of SUVs leading to the decline of other car classes.

In this new iteration, the Espace has taken on a more imposing design, reminiscent of an SUV. However, it remains the largest and most impressive vehicle produced by Renault, while still offering practicality and ample space. The departure from its minivan origins is complete, as evidenced by its redefined identity and sleek exterior design.

The interior of the Espace is spacious and functional, incorporating elements from the Austral model. The car comes standard with seven seats and offers an optional five-seater version with additional trunk space. Despite this generosity in seating capacity, the third row’s limited space makes it less suitable for adults on longer journeys. When fully utilized, the trunk offers 159 liters of space that expands to 477 liters when the back seats are folded down.

Another notable feature of the Espace is its hybrid drive system that was taken from the Austral model. This system delivers high efficiency and fuel economy while covering 80% of city journeys on electric power. However, there are some limitations to consider when driving at high speeds or uphill terrain due to minor electric motor limitations such as a 175 km/h speed cap and slightly delayed gear shifts.

The Espace also features an advanced steering system on all wheels that enables precision and faster cornering despite its softer design. This feature contributes to making parking and maneuvering easier for drivers seeking spacious transportation options for larger families without compromising their comfort or style.

Overall, Renault’s Espace continues to stand out as Renault’s largest and most striking vehicle offering comfort, economical driving options and ample interior space for drivers looking for spacious yet elegant transportation options despite its speed limitations.

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