Remote Design Studio in Ayr Thrives Without Physical Headquarters

As a journalist, I have rewritten the given article to present it in a new and unique way. Here’s my version:

Ayr, a fashion label known for its sturdy denim and “old soul” classics, has seen sustained revenue growth due to a drastic change in its operations. The label permanently shut down its offices in New York’s Noho neighborhood and operates virtually, with employees working from home across different time zones. This shift has allowed Ayr to recruit more experienced people from across the country, leading to significant impact on the label’s growth.

When pandemic restrictions loosened, most fashion labels rushed employees back to the office. However, Ayr took a different approach by closing its offices and moving fully virtual. Co-founder Maggie Winter and her husband Brice Pattison work from their house in Ojai, California, while head of merchandising Diane Cha works from her bedroom in Orange County, California with a team spread across three time zones from Ojai to Coatesville. This change has allowed Ayr to thrive during these challenging times.

Operating virtually has been beneficial for Ayr in many ways. It has not only allowed the company to recruit top talent from all over the country but also saved on overhead costs associated with running an office space. This has helped Ayr’s annual revenues quintuple over three years and reach $50 million this year. Additionally, virtual work has improved employee morale as they have more flexibility and freedom to balance work and personal life effectively.

In conclusion, Ayr’s decision to operate virtually is an excellent example of how companies can adapt and grow during uncertain times. The label’s success story serves as an inspiration for other businesses that are considering going remote or virtual. With the right strategy and approach, companies can continue to thrive even in challenging economic conditions like we see today.

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