Reducing the Value of Education for Ministers: Can Success and Quality Still be Achieved?

The first session of Croatia’s Parliament this week began early, a day earlier than usual, to discuss the 2024 budget proposal. The session began with presentations from different parties. Marin Miletić, of the Most party, spoke about the importance of family-focused policies and promoting pro-natal measures while criticizing others for promoting gender ideology. He also emphasized the need for a safe Croatia and for the nation to be a part of the EU on certain terms.

Marijan Pavliček, leader of the Sovereignist party, criticized Minister of Agriculture Marija Vučković for her handling of the African swine fever outbreak. Meanwhile, Branko Grcic of SDP expressed concerns about the deficit and increased expenditures in the budget. Jelena Miloš of We Can Club criticized the government for lacking necessary reforms in housing, education, healthcare, and employment policies. She highlighted issues such as housing crises and emigration due to low wages.

Marijana Puljak representing Center Club, GLAS and First Name Party expressed deep concern about Croatia’s education system. She questioned values promoted by prime minister and ruling party particularly regarding doctorate plagiarism, academic honesty and importance of education. She stressed that rebuilding education system is essential for social and economic growth in Croatia as it will be an important issue discussed during upcoming super election year in 2024.

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