Rallying for Universal Health Care: Celebrating Legislat

March 6 Rally in Olympia Advocating for Universal Health Care

The Rally for Universal Health Care is taking place on Wednesday, March 6, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., at the Capitol North Steps in Olympia. This event brings together various local organizations to advocate for a universal health care system in Washington State. Sponsoring organizations include AFSCME Council 28/WFSE, AFT Washington, Retired Public Employees Council, and the Washington State Nurses Association.

The rally will celebrate legislative victories that have moved the state towards a more affordable, equitable, and accessible health care system for all residents. Participants will also advocate for pending bills and address obstacles to further progress on the next to last day of the 2024 legislative session. The event aims to raise grassroots awareness about the statewide movement for universal health care.

Legislators, representatives of labor organizations, women’s rights groups, civil rights organizations, immigrant and refugee organizations, faith communities, community health boards, Democratic LD organizations, medical students, healthcare professionals, and legal advocacy groups are among those invited to speak at the rally. More information about the rally can be found on its website including speaker details rideshares online calls to action in support of universal health care.

The Rally for Universal Health Care is an excellent opportunity for union members and community supporters to come together and advocate for a more just and equitable healthcare system in our state. With numerous sponsoring organizations including labor unions such as AFSCME Council 28/WFSE and AFT Washington representing thousands of workers across the state it is clear that this event has broad support from both organized labor and concerned citizens alike.

It’s important to note that healthcare is not a luxury but a basic human right that everyone should have access to regardless of their financial situation or social status. This event serves as a reminder of how far we’ve come towards achieving universal healthcare but also highlights how much work still needs to be done.

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