Program seeking applicants for IL Soil Health Leadership

Program seeking applicants for IL Soil Health Leadership

The Soil Health Leadership Program, previously known as the Advanced Soil Health Training Program, is currently seeking applicants for its upcoming training sessions. This program, now in its fifth year, aims to educate individuals on soil health practices and principles. Megan Baskerville, vice president of the Illinois Sustainable Ag Partnership (ISAP), highlights the importance of good soil health practices in nutrient management.

The training sessions will cover basic principles of soil health, soil biology, cover crop selection, seeding techniques, termination methods, and soil health demonstrations. Baskerville emphasizes that soil health systems play a crucial role in addressing water quality concerns in Illinois as part of the state’s nutrient loss reduction strategy.

The program is designed to train individuals to become soil health ambassadors in their communities. By participating in the Soil Health Leadership Program, graduates will be equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to implement soil health systems and educate others on the importance of soil health practices.

ISAP encourages agricultural professionals to apply for the program by May 31st, with training sessions set to begin in August. Interested individuals can find more information and access the application link on the ISAP website. The goal of the program is to build a network of individuals who are passionate about soil health and committed to promoting these practices within their communities.

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