Private Equity in Healthcare: Federal Agencies Seek Public Feedback to Foster Competition

Organizations seek feedback on expanding corporate ownership in healthcare sector

The Justice Department’s Antitrust Division, Federal Trade Commission, and Department of Health and Human Services are inviting the public to provide feedback until May 6th on the increasing presence of private equity and corporate ownership in the health care industry. This input will help shape their future enforcement priorities and initiatives to foster competition in health care markets.

The agencies are seeking public views on the goals and outcomes of these transactions, and how they affect various stakeholders in the health care market, such as patients, communities, payers, employers, providers, and other health care professionals and businesses. The Request for Information emphasizes the importance of understanding the impact of private equity investments in the health care sector.

On a related note, the agencies recently participated in an FTC virtual workshop on the influence of private equity in health care and the measures the federal government is taking to mitigate any negative consequences. This workshop provided a platform for discussions on the implications of private equity ownership in health care and strategies to address potential challenges.

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