President Mattarella Reaffirms Commitment to Upholding Democratic Principles in Healthcare Fund for Journalists Meeting

Mattarella reassures: “The president is not a ruler”

As the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella holds a significant amount of power that is outlined in the Constitution. Despite external pressures and appeals to sign or not sign laws, he remains committed to exercising his powers independently. Recently, Mattarella met with leaders from Casagit, an independent healthcare fund for journalists, where he addressed pressing issues that have come to his attention.

During the meeting with journalists, Mattarella emphasized the importance of press freedom in a democracy as enshrined in the Constitution. However, he also highlighted the responsibilities of journalists, including loyalty, independence, factual reporting, and respect for others. The President made it clear that while signing laws is one thing, promulgating them is a separate process that involves certifying their validity and constitutionality.

Mattarella shared his principles as President and highlighted the need to uphold the Constitution and respect the balance of powers outlined therein. He cautioned against overstepping constitutional boundaries and underscored the importance of maintaining democratic norms and processes. The President also dismissed any speculation on his stance regarding potential reforms, reiterating his commitment to upholding the Constitution above all else.

In conclusion, Mattarella’s firm stance on upholding democratic principles and respecting the rule of law serves as a reminder of the critical role independent institutions play in safeguarding democracy and ensuring that all branches of government operate within their prescribed limits.

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