Powering Up: Hitachi Energy’s Groundbreaking Advancement in Power Semiconductor Technology with the Introduction of 300 mm Wafer

Hitachi Energy makes strides in semiconductor technology with introduction of first 300 mm wafer for IGBT.

Hitachi Energy has made a significant advancement in power semiconductor technology with the introduction of the 300 mm wafer. This breakthrough allows for increased chip production capacity and the development of more complex structures in 1200V insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBT), which are essential for rapidly switching power supplies in high-power applications such as variable frequency drives, uninterruptible power supply systems, electric cars, trains, and air conditioners.

The larger 300 mm wafer provides numerous advantages, including the potential to produce over double the number of functioning integrated circuits compared to the traditional 200 mm wafer, resulting in significant cost savings. It incorporates the latest fine pattern trench IGBT design, leading to more energy-efficient power conversion and control, while also minimizing power losses during operation.

Dr. Rainer Kaesmaier, Managing Director of Hitachi Energy’s semiconductor business, expressed admiration for the seamless and rapid introduction of the 300 mm wafers and highlighted their potential to enhance both Hitachi Energy’s semiconductor technology and the competitiveness and capacity of its customers. Through close collaboration with a cross-functional team, including Product Management, Business Development, Research & Development, and a chip foundry partner, semiconductor experts at Hitachi Energy were able to achieve this milestone.

Hitachi Energy’s commitment to driving social innovation in the energy sector is reflected in the development of the new 300 mm IGBT. The larger wafer allows for greater efficiency and resource utilization in renewable energy applications such as solar panels and wind turbines. Additionally, it enables faster switching speeds for industrial drives such as electric motors used in factories or transportation systems. The company aims to accelerate its efforts towards a sustainable future through technological advancements like these.

In conclusion, Hitachi Energy has successfully developed a new type of IGBT that utilizes a larger 300mm wafer size. This technology has led to increased production capacity and more complex structures that are essential for high-power applications such as electric cars or trains. The development is crucial in speeding up the energy transition by enabling more efficient use of resources in renewable energy applications while minimizing power losses during operation.

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