Popular Science Gets a New Dose of Curiosity with Vsauce2 Co-Creators Kevin Lieber and Matthew Tabor

Vsauce2 creators join forces with Popular Science to revamp its YouTube channel

Popular Science is relaunching its YouTube channel with the help of Kevin Lieber and Matthew Tabor, two creators known for their work on Vsauce2. With a newfound creative control, the duo aims to produce curious, clever, and insightful explorations of scientific concepts for PopSci’s YouTube audience.

Lieber and Tabor gained recognition in the YouTube community after joining Michael Stevens’ Vsauce brand over a decade ago. They have since grown the channel to 4.5 million subscribers and over 780 billion lifetime views, demonstrating their ability to engage and educate viewers through their content.

After announcing a transition for Vsauce2 last year, Lieber found a new opportunity at Popular Science. Along with Tabor, they will produce a variety of video formats for the magazine, including pieces on technology, animated visualizations, and multi-part stories to contextualize scientific concepts.

Their first documentary explores the practice of trepanning, showcasing their unique approach to storytelling and educational content. PopSci’s editor-in-chief, Annie Colbert, welcomed Lieber and Tabor to the team and praised their enthusiasm for science, promising videos that capture the spirit of the magazine’s longstanding commitment to engaging and informative content.

With the addition of Lieber and Tabor, Popular Science will reorganize its YouTube presence. The duo will take over the primary channel while video podcasts will be moved to a dedicated hub. This collaboration between Vsauce2 veterans and PopSci promises to bring fresh and innovative content to the audience while continuing the magazine’s legacy of inspiring curiosity and exploration in the scientific world.

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