Politician Warns of Potential Disaster Following Hostage Release Agreement

Israel’s Minister of National Security, Ben Gvir, has expressed concern that a possible agreement with the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) to release hostages taken in October could lead to “disaster.” He has also expressed concern about a pact that could involve the release of Palestinian prisoners and facilitate the entry of fuel into the Gaza Strip.

Meanwhile, the mother of two minors kidnapped by Hamas and held in the Gaza Strip has called for an agreement to be reached so that her children can be released. She spoke during a sit-in in front of the Israeli Army headquarters in Tel Aviv.

Relatives of the nearly 240 kidnapped people have warned that Ben Gvir’s bill to apply the death penalty for people convicted of terrorism puts hostages in serious danger. The Hostage Families Forum stated that “the timing chosen for this discussion endangers our loved ones, without actively promoting public interest.”

On Saturday, Ben Gvir announced that he would present his proposed legislation on the death penalty to the Knesset. He had previously openly supported including it in anti-terrorism legislation.

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