Police Urge Caution on Sharing Personal Details in Response to Fake Delivery Texts in Duga Resa

A 19-year-old resident of Duga Resa filed a criminal complaint with the police station on Thursday. The complaint stated that on November 9th, he received a fake SMS message on his mobile phone that notified him of a package arrival and directed him to confirm his address through a link in his internet browser. After clicking on the link, he was redirected to a fake website of a package delivery company. He entered his bank card information to pay for shipping costs but later discovered that money had been taken from his account.

The police are currently conducting an investigation into this incident and have reported similar cases involving fraudulent SMS messages from the Split-Dalmatia Police Department. To prevent such incidents, the police warn citizens to be cautious about clicking on links in SMS messages and entering personal or financial information online. It is recommended to close the page immediately and delete the message after verifying its authenticity.

In response to these incidents, the Split-Dalmatia Police Department launched a preventive campaign called SafetyNet – Battle for Safety. The campaign aims to educate citizens about different types of computer fraud and provide information on how to protect themselves from such scams. Posters containing QR codes have been placed throughout the city, allowing people to quickly access information about fraud types and methods of protection by visiting the Split-Dalmatia Police Department website with one click.

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