Police Chief Caught in Major Scandal, Defrauding 89 Victims out of €1 Million

The police have recently charged 22 individuals for defrauding elderly citizens in a criminal organization led by Romano Beganović. The group is accused of stealing a total of €1,045,005 from seniors between September and November 23 last year through the use of counterfeit banknotes. The police are now conducting an investigation to ensure that any individuals in possession of counterfeit currency are identified and held responsible.

The group believed that they could issue certificates to victims that would allow them to exchange money at FINA, the victims were told by members of the criminal organization. However, these assurances turned out to be false as the police have since arrested all 22 suspects and brought charges against them for fraud as part of a criminal association.

As previously reported, Beganović was the leader of the group and coordinated all their activities. The other defendants were instructed by Beganović to call victims from call centers and present themselves as police officers tasked with protecting their property. After gathering information about the amount of money and gold jewelry owned by each victim, they proceeded to steal it from their homes using vehicles provided by Beganović.

The police have requested that the pretrial detention for 15 defendants be extended as they continue their investigation into this case. It is important for individuals to be cautious when dealing with strangers who claim to be law enforcement officials or offering fraudulent services, especially those involving large amounts of money or valuable items such as gold jewelry.

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