Pittsburgh University’s Prosthetics Research in the Spotlight: Support their Efforts to Repeat STAT Madness Success and Change the Game for Paralyzed Patients

Believe Pitt is an MVP in Health Research? Cast Your Vote!

In 2017, the University of Pittsburgh and UPMC emerged as the winners of the STAT Madness competition for their work on prosthetics research. Now, they have a chance to repeat their success and be recognized as the most innovative research institute in the country. The public can support their efforts by visiting the STAT News website and voting for Pitt’s pioneering research. Last year, researchers at Pitt demonstrated that restoring hand motion in stroke patients is possible by using a spinal cord implant. This groundbreaking research offered hope to those who are paralyzed as a result of a stroke. The study received extensive media coverage, including mentions in the Associated Press, New York Times, and NPR.

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