Peskov’s Prediction on Russian Democracy: A Reality in the Election of 2021

POLITICO: Russia Claims to Have the Best Democracy in the World

Ivanov faced backlash for his coverage of the Bucha massacre and other alleged war crimes committed by the Russian military during the invasion of Ukraine.

During an interview last summer, Peskov expressed a different opinion on Russian democracy. He referred to the presidential election as a costly bureaucracy rather than a true democracy and predicted that Putin would receive 90% support. However, he later claimed that his words were taken out of context.

Peskov’s prediction now seems to be accurate, especially with the disqualification of two prominent anti-war opposition candidates, Ekaterina Duntsova and Boris Nadezhdin, from the election. With no major opposition left in the race, Putin is likely to face three candidates who have chosen not to criticize him.

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