Penava Suggests a “Living Wall” for Pupovac: Can We Find Mutual Understanding?

The commemoration of the fall of Škabrnja this year will not be attended by representatives from SDSS, according to information from RTL Danas. Additionally, it remains unclear whether they will participate in throwing a wreath in the Danube in Vukovar.

The mayor of Vukovar, Ivan Penava, addressed the issue of commemorating the fall of Vukovar and Škabrnja during a recent interview. When asked about his responsibility for the recent tensions, Penava stated that as the responsible person in charge of registering gatherings in Vukovar, he is accountable for ensuring that all military units are treated equally and fairly. He also emphasized that HOS officers would not be detained on their way to Vukovar.

Penava went on to express his concern about possible riots and stressed that the organizers would be responsible for any such incidents. He added that he wanted a peaceful anniversary and did not support the idea of two columns being present. Instead, he believed that equality was crucial and supported his colleague’s decision to prevent wreaths from being thrown.

When asked about participating in a live chain event to commemorate the fall of Škabrnja, Penava expressed support but also emphasized that HOS members were deliberately highlighted this year because they were equal and should not be trampled upon or dragged through the mud. He rejected any notion that HOS members were better than others or deserved more attention than other victims of war crimes. Overall, Penava stressed the importance of unity and fairness when remembering past events such as the fall of Škabrnja.

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