Palace Addresses Unfounded Conspiracy Theories About Kate Middleton’s Health; Uncle Gary Goldsmith Criticizes Meghan Markle on Celebrity Big Brother

Palace responds to speculation surrounding Kate Middleton’s social media usage and health

The Palace has recently addressed unfounded conspiracy theories about Kate Middleton’s health, which were circulating on social media. The Princess of Wales, who is 42 years old, was seen in public for the first time after undergoing abdominal surgery in January. Although details of her condition have not been disclosed, the Palace confirmed that it was not cancer-related and that Kate wanted to keep her medical information private.

Since then, there have been rumors about Kate’s whereabouts and Prince William has been seen performing fewer public duties. However, the Palace stated that William’s focus remains on his work rather than social media. Despite these rumors and theories circulating online, the palace has assured the public that Kate is recovering well.

Meanwhile, Kate’s uncle Gary Goldsmith criticized Meghan Markle during an appearance on Celebrity Big Brother. He expressed his feelings about the changes in dynamics within the royal family since Harry and Meghan joined. Goldsmith mentioned his hope for Harry to return to the UK and suggested that the nation would forgive him for recent controversies. His comments have reignited discussions about the royal family and their relationships.

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