Oklahoma’s HB 3959: Attracting Professional Sports Teams with Job Incentives

Oklahoma State Leaders Propose New Bill to Encourage Professional Sports Teams to Move to Oklahoma

Oklahoma is looking to attract more professional sports teams with a new bill that aims to bring more job opportunities to the state. The bill, HB 3959, expands the incentive program in the Quality Jobs Act to include professional sports teams. This move would provide job incentives for franchises considering a future in Oklahoma. State Rep. Jon Echols has been working closely with the Department of Commerce on this idea and believes it’s the right time to pass the bill due to upcoming opportunities.

The Quality Jobs Act’s incentive program aims to promote job growth and improve companies’ bottom lines by injecting cash back into businesses as they expand and create new jobs in Oklahoma. Echols, who grew up in Oklahoma City, believes this is an opportune moment for the state to pass the bill as Oklahoma is being looked at by other entities for potential franchises.

While there are no certain pro-sport expansion plans at present, passing this bill would create pro-sport incentives across the entire state, not just in Oklahoma City. State leaders hope that this bill will help attract more professional sports teams to the state and build momentum for the sports industry in Oklahoma.

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