Nikki Haley Suspends Campaign for President Following Disappointing Performance on Super Tuesday.

Nikki Haley emerges victorious in Vermont primary, preventing Trump from sweeping Super Tuesday

Nikki Haley, the former UN Ambassador, emerged as the winner of Vermont’s Republican primary on Super Tuesday. This prevented former President Donald Trump from winning all of the contests. Despite her victory, she only added 17 delegates to her total count. In contrast, Trump has been dominating the primaries this year, with Vermont and Washington DC being the only races where he didn’t come out on top.

Haley’s disappointing performance on Super Tuesday likely played a role in her decision to end her campaign. The Wall Street Journal reported that she was expected to announce the end of her bid for the GOP nomination on Wednesday. This leaves Trump as the sole major candidate left vying for the nomination, as he continues to accumulate delegates needed for a majority at the Republican National Convention in July.

While Haley had previously indicated that she was taking her campaign one state at a time and not looking too far ahead, it seems that her run for the presidency will be coming to an end. Trump’s campaign has been confident that he will reach the necessary delegate count to secure the nomination by March 12th. The official announcement from Haley about suspending her campaign was expected to be made at 10 a.m. ET on Wednesday, leaving Trump as the frontrunner in the Republican race for the White House.

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