NFL Football: Vikings Lead Broncos 10-9 at Halftime on Sunday Night

The Minnesota Vikings began the second quarter with a 10-9 lead over the Denver Broncos. The game started off on the wrong foot for Minnesota when Josh Dobbs fumbled on their opening drive, allowing Denver to take an early lead. On third-and-1, T.J. Hockenson attempted to pitch it to Dobbs, but he was hit hard and lost possession of the football.

Despite this setback, Minnesota continued to make efforts to run the ball. Alexander Mattison had 10 carries for 50 yards, while Ty Chandler had 30 yards on six carries. Dobbs was also successful in passing, completing 11 out of 13 attempts for a total of 126 yards and a touchdown. However, there were some problems with snaps involving Dobbs and center Garrett Bradbury, with Dobbs fumbling two of them. Fortunately, he was able to recover both instances to prevent turnovers.

On the other hand, Denver struggled to keep up with Minnesota throughout the first half. Despite having two scoring drives in the second quarter, they were still struggling on third downs and only managed five first downs while accumulating just 16 rushing yards. Russell Wilson was successful in passing with a completion rate of 76%, but only managed a total of 132 yards in doing so. Courtland Sutton led in receptions with two catches for a total of 38 yards.

The second half will begin with Denver receiving the kickoff after losing their chance at an early victory due to Dobbs’ fumble at the beginning of play

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