NFL Continues to Support Elon Musk’s X Platform

The NFL has announced that it will continue advertising on social media platform X, despite recent concerns over content moderation and the platform’s handling of harmful messages. NFL Chief Media and Business Officer Brian Rolapp stated that the league will continue to advertise on X because its fans are present on the platform.

However, a recent instance where the platform allowed an anti-Semitic message has raised concerns about its content moderation practices. The platform has been criticized for allowing viewpoints that are considered harmful under the guise of free speech, which has sparked widespread debate about reasonable limits on content that can be posted.

This raises questions for advertisers and potential impacts on the user base. The NFL is currently contemplating whether to support X financially and indirectly endorse the approach by purchasing ads there. So far, the league has stood firm in its support of the platform, but these concerns may influence future advertising decisions.

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