New York Patients Facing Healthcare Coverage Uncertainty as Contract Dispute Intensifies

Health insurance companies’ contract dispute with NYC hospitals could lead to patients losing coverage

Tens of thousands of patients in New York City are facing the possibility of losing their insurance coverage with their doctors, as a contract dispute between major health insurers and prominent hospitals continues to escalate. Sarah Digby, a patient who receives care at NewYork-Presbyterian and has insurance through CVS Health’s Aetna, shared that she received an email notifying her that her coverage may end by May. If this occurs, patients will be forced to pay significantly more out of pocket for treatment with their longstanding doctors or seek new providers.

In response to the situation, NewYork-Presbyterian issued a statement emphasizing their commitment to negotiating with Aetna (CVS Health) to prolong their in-network partnership. The statement highlighted the organization’s dedication to delivering high-quality care to patients without interruption. NewYork-Presbyterian stressed the importance of patients having in-network access to their preferred healthcare providers for superior care. Despite efforts to negotiate, Aetna has presented an offer that NewYork-Presbyterian views as unsustainable and has prompted preparations for potential network disruptions if an agreement is not reached by March 31, 2024.

NewYork-Presbyterian remains optimistic that Aetna will engage in constructive negotiations to secure a fair resolution prioritizing patient needs. In the meantime, individuals can stay informed with the latest news by having Eyewitness News delivered to them, following the news outlet on YouTube or accessing more local news online. Eyewitness News encourages readers to submit news tips and story ideas through their website. If sending videos or photos, it is advised to review the terms of use for submission before submitting any content. Copyright for all content is reserved by WABC-TV in 2024.

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