New Paths for Peace in Gaza: Palestinian Authority’s Visit to Doha and Efforts for Reconstruction Amidst Post-War Challenges

After the war, Abu Mazen to focus on security and rehabilitation of Gaza

During his visit to Doha, Qatar, President Abbas was invited by the prince to discuss expanding the Palestinian Authority’s influence in the Gaza Strip after the war. Prior to this visit, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken had advised Abbas to prepare for the post-war period by forming a more representative government and developing plans for reform and rehabilitation.

Reports suggest that during his meeting with Blinken, Abbas shared updates on ongoing preparations for a new government, a rehabilitation plan, and reforms to the PA’s administrative, legal, and economic systems. Hamas officials expressed their willingness to cooperate with the Palestinian Authority on rebuilding the Gaza Strip but emphasized the need for a government and Reconstruction Authority that includes a range of Palestinian political forces and independent national figures.

Hamas pledged not to disrupt efforts to rebuild the Strip and support its residents in recovering from the effects of war. The visit served as a reminder of the ongoing efforts to address post-war challenges in Gaza and highlighted the importance of cooperation between Palestinian political forces for the region’s reconstruction.

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