New Chippewa Valley Health Cooperative Promises to Revolutionize Healthcare Access and Services in the Region

Collaboration of Business and Community Leaders Forms Chippewa Valley Health Cooperative

The Chippewa Valley Health Cooperative is a newly established organization aimed at improving healthcare access and services in the region. The cooperative was founded with the help of a Formational Board, made up of local business and community leaders.

The Formational Board is responsible for developing the cooperative’s bylaws, corporate structure, operational plans, and strategic direction to address healthcare gaps in the area. The organizers of the cooperative include Patricia “Patti” Darley, Lori Geissler, Peter Hoeft, Mickey Judkins, Robert “Bob” Krause, Thomas Larson, and Eric Rygg. These individuals will work together to guide the cooperative in its mission.

The cooperative will focus on assessing and addressing emerging healthcare needs in the Chippewa Valley region. By working with the community and local businesses, the Chippewa Valley Health Cooperative aims to have a positive impact on the overall health and well-being of residents.

For more information about the Chippewa Valley Health Cooperative and its work, please refer to our full press release available from the cooperative. Copyright 2024 WEAU. All rights reserved.

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