New Budget Signals HDZ Faces Election Loss Risk

The Fokus party representatives made a shocking statement on Monday, claiming that the HDZ’s pre-election budget for the upcoming year is a clear indication of their major trouble and impending loss in the elections. They accused the HDZ of attempting to buy votes by using taxpayers’ money and burdening future generations with their shameless tactics. Despite an increase in revenues from European funds in the budget, Nađi pointed out that these funds are reduced by as much as one billion euros in the plan for the following year, while expenses continue to rise.

At a press conference at Parliament, Davor Nađi criticized the budget as a means for the HDZ to boost their rating and accused them of ignoring actual problems. He highlighted a 70 percent increase in employee expenses and a 50 percent increase in citizen and household transfers in just two years. He also criticized the disproportionate spending on Croatian Roads, despite recent large investments in projects like Slavonija Project. Dario Zurovec also spoke out, expressing his belief that the rulers’ policies have failed and are causing bigger problems for Croatia.

When asked about Ustashi shouts at a commemoration in Vukovar, Damir Bajs expressed his hope that the police would treat rioters with the same force as they did with recent unruly fans.

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