Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman Files Federal Lawsuit Against State Attorney General Letitia James over Transgender Athletes in Sports

Nassau County executive files lawsuit to prevent transgender athletes from competing in women’s sports

On Wednesday, Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman announced that he will be filing a federal lawsuit against State Attorney General Letitia James. This decision comes after James demanded Blakeman to rescind a ban on transgender athletes from participating in women’s and girls’ teams at county-run sports facilities.

Letitia James has criticized the ban as discriminatory and transphobic. In response, Blakeman stated that he is aiming to protect the integrity of sports by preventing the inclusion of biological males in female competition. He argued that allowing this would undermine women’s and girls’ sports, which are protected under federal law. The ban immediately impacts more than 100 sites across Nassau County.

Transgender rights and civil liberties groups have condemned the ban as unnecessary and harmful to already marginalized individuals. The CBS New York team, comprised of experienced journalists, reports on this ongoing legal battle.

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