Miraculous Survival: Children Safety Thanks to Driver’s Quick Thinking in Yard Crash

In Split, a school minibus carrying five children crashed into a resident’s yard. The driver was also injured in the accident. The residents of the community are outraged at the authorities’ failure to maintain the roads and ensure their safety. According to them, if proper safety measures had been put in place, such as a fence or bumper, the accident could have been prevented.

The road was in poor condition due to the rain, which made it difficult for drivers to see and control their vehicles. The lack of attention given by the authorities to the community has left the residents shaken and frustrated. One local described the road as “really ugly,” expressing his disappointment with the lack of care provided by those responsible for maintaining it.

Despite this traumatic experience, the residents are grateful that everyone involved in the accident escaped without serious injuries. They expressed sympathy for the driver and hoped that he would recover soon. They also called on the authorities to take action and improve road conditions to prevent such accidents from happening in the future.

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