Microsoft Attracts OpenAI Staff Amid Sam Altman’s Dismissal

The dismissal of co-founder Sam Altman has led to a mass exodus of OpenAI employees who have threatened to leave the company. In response, the board of directors has been criticized by senior officials such as chief scientist Ilya Sutskever and top executive Mira Murati. More than 500 workers have expressed their support for this sentiment in a letter, which represents 770 OpenAI staff members in total.

Microsoft has assured these employees that there are positions available for them in their new subsidiary if they decide to join. However, Microsoft remains committed to its partnership with OpenAI and is confident in its product roadmap. Despite pressure from Microsoft and other investors, OpenAI has appointed a new CEO, Emmett Shear, despite calls for Altman’s return.

OpenAI stands by its decision about Altman, stating that his behavior and lack of transparency undermined the board’s ability to effectively oversee the company. However, Shear denies reports that Altman was fired over security concerns related to the use of AI technology.

Generative AI platforms like ChatGPT are powered by large amounts of data and allow them to answer questions in human-like language and generate and manipulate images or create sounds and expressions. These technologies compete with those developed by companies such as Google and Meta, as well as startups in the development of AI-based applications.

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