Mexico set to become a top agri-food producer by 2024, but faces agricultural challenges

Our country is on track to become the ninth largest agri-food producer in the world this year

The Agricultural Markets Consulting Group has released its annual report, Agri-Food Perspectives 2024, predicting that Mexico will become the ninth largest agri-food producer in the world and climb to the seventh position among the largest food exporters by 2024. The report forecasts that Mexico will produce a total of 113.5 million tons of agri-food products this year, representing a 1.7 percent annual growth. This growth will surpass Canada, which will be in tenth place with 109.5 million tons of products.

Despite these advancements, Mexico still faces challenges in its agricultural sector. Nearly half of rural communities experience extreme poverty, and almost a third of producers are over 65 years old. Additionally, Mexico’s food self-sufficiency in grains stands at 47 percent, highlighting the country’s reliance on imports for more than half of its consumption. Addressing these challenges will require implementing agricultural and catastrophic insurance programs, improving supply chain infrastructure, and increasing investments in water infrastructure and technology.

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