Meta and Musk’s Rivalry: A Tale of Tech Titans in Cyberspace

Musk Brags After Meta Reveals Instagram Outage on Twitter

On Tuesday, Meta experienced significant outages that affected both Instagram and Facebook. The tech company had to resort to using a rival platform, which Elon Musk took as an opportunity to mock them. The official account for Musk’s platform also joined in on poking fun at Meta for the situation.

The relationship between Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk has been tense, particularly after Zuckerberg launched Meta’s Threads as a direct competitor to Musk’s platform X. Both CEOs have thrown public jibes at each other and criticized each other’s platforms in the past.

Meta’s spokesperson, Andy Stone, acknowledged the server issues and informed users that they were working on fixing them. With Meta’s servers down, the company had no choice but to use Elon Musk’s platform to communicate with users. Musk found this amusing and posted several mocking comments about Meta’s outage, including a meme related to the situation.

The outages on Facebook and Instagram caused users to have trouble logging into their accounts. Meta’s platform status page reported “major disruptions” to Facebook logins. Thankfully, Meta was able to resolve the issue relatively quickly, and Stone issued an apology for any inconvenience caused. Despite the outage, it seems that Musk is still enjoying poking fun at his rival CEO.

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