Maximir Showdown: Who Will Emerge Victorious and What the Outcome Will Be

We are just one step away from qualifying for the European Championship. Croatia, the reigning World Cup champions, has a chance to make history tonight at Maksimir as they take on Armenia in a decisive match for Euros qualification. This game will be played at 8:45 p.m., and it’s sure to be an intense battle between two talented teams.

Croatia has had quite a ride so far in their quest for Euros qualification. Two years ago, they defeated Russia in a rain-soaked match at Poljud and qualified for the World Cup in Qatar. And two years earlier, they won against Slovakia in Rujevica and won the Euros. This time around, the stage is set at Maksimir, and the opponent is Armenia.

Tonight’s game will be especially important as it could determine whether Croatia makes it to Germany or not. A win would bring them a visa to participate in the Euros, but even a draw could work in their favor if Wales defeats Turkey later today. It’s also worth noting that if Croatia finishes first place in their group and Wales loses to Turkey, then Croatia would still qualify regardless of the outcome of their game with Armenia.

One of the biggest names on Croatian squad will most likely play his last match at Maksimir as Luka Modric announced his retirement from international soccer after this tournament. Fans will surely be excited to witness such an iconic player’s final performance on home soil, and it’s sure to be an emotional moment for everyone involved.

So what do you think? Will Croatia celebrate lightly or can Armenians shock us? Let us know your thoughts by taking our survey below!

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