Marvell Technology’s Full Year 2024 Earnings Fall Short of EPS Expectations

Marvell Technology’s Full Year 2024 Earnings Fall Short of EPS Expectations

Marvell Technology (NASDAQ: MRVL) reported its full year 2024 results with key financial figures showing mixed performance. The company’s revenue decreased by 7.0% from the previous year to US$5.51 billion, while its net loss widened by 471% to US$933.4 million. Earnings per share deteriorated to US$1.08 loss from US$0.19 loss in FY 2023.

Despite revenue being in line with analyst estimates, earnings per share missed expectations by 71%. Looking ahead, Marvell Technology is forecasting a 13% average annual revenue growth over the next 3 years, lower than the 16% growth forecast for the Semiconductor industry in the US.

The American Semiconductor industry has seen a decline in Marvell Technology’s shares, which are down 2.8% from a week ago. It is important for investors to analyze not only a company’s earnings but also the strength of its balance sheet. Analysts have provided their take on Marvell Technology’s balance sheet, which should be considered when evaluating the company’s financial position.

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