Marquette Holistic Health Fair Set to Take Place at NMU’s Northern Center on Saturday

Marquette’s Holistic Health Fair, organized by the Northern Michigan University, took place at the Northern Center on Saturday. The event aimed to provide an opportunity for the community to explore stress-relieving activities and improve their overall well-being. It featured presentations and vendors covering multiple aspects of health and wellness. With 37 vendors offering services such as massage, energy work, and henna body art, attendees had plenty of options to choose from.

The event was a reboot of a previous holistic health fair that had been held in Marquette for 20 years. Event Coordinator Michelle Nichols explained that this year’s fair aimed to pay homage to its predecessor while adding a fresh perspective. The organizers wanted to bring new energy and offerings to the community while still honoring the tradition of the old fair.

Apart from services, attendees could also purchase products like crystals, soaps, and essential oils. A therapy dog was also present at the event to help calm attendees and provide a soothing presence throughout the day.

The Holistic Health Fair brought renewed focus on holistic health to Marquette by providing attendees with an array of options for relaxation and well-being. Despite being affected by COVID-19 pandemic challenges, its organizers were able to bring this new iteration of the fair to life successfully and offer attendees a diverse and rejuvenating experience.

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