Lyons Township High School Students Honored for Achievements in Career Tech Elite Program at Technology Center of DuPage

Shaw Local reports that students from LT have been selected to join the career tech elite at Technology Center of DuPage.

The Technology Center of DuPage (TCD) recognized several Lyons Township High School (LTHS) students for their achievements as part of the Career Tech Elite program. These students were not only exceptional in their classroom performance but also demonstrated remarkable professionalism and attendance.

The TCD offers 19 advanced career and technical education electives for juniors and seniors, aimed at preparing them for their future aspirations. This program is run through a joint agreement among 14 member high school districts, including District 204. The LTHS students who were honored at a ceremony at TCD on February 29 include Annabelle Andino, Abigail Arteaga, Diego Avalos, Kenneth Bischoff, Danielle Blakeslee, Leeya Chancy, Ramiro Constantino, Nataly Contreras, Nathan De Lauriea, Ramon Echeverria, Mia Morrehead, Nathanel Mukite, Tyla Thomas, Jimena Trujillo, Zoey Ullrich, Diana Villarreal, and Victoria Ziemba.

Ryan West, assistant principal at TCD expressed his pride in the Career Tech Elite students. He noted that their dedication and professionalism set them apart from others and will help prepare them for success in college or their chosen career pathway.

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