Local Knitting Group Brings Comfort to Infant Cardiology Patients with Handmade Hats

The group of women at Edgemere, a senior residential community in Dallas, gather around a long table every week for camaraderie and creativity.

“You know, you have a problem,” Mary Ann Stover said. “If you come in here and knit, you don’t think about your problems.”

The women are part of the ‘Knit Wits,’ a knitting group that has been making hats for infant cardiology patients at Children’s Health for years.

“Well, I don’t like the name,” Stover said with a laugh. “There’s no men in the group, but we sure would like to have a couple come in!”

Stover is one of the newer members and the group’s co-chair. She was surprised to find that her newfound love for knitting had given her purpose and meaning.

“When I moved here I told my daughter, who is a pediatric cardiologist, I said, ‘I have no purpose. I’m not doing anything that’s important,’” Stover said. “And she got me hooked up with this lady to make these hats and that was important to me.”

The Knit Wits are known for their seasonal patterns and work on holiday hats right now. They make up to 20 hats every two weeks. Each hat goes to an infant cardiology patient at Children’s Health, reminding the women of their own lucky hearts as they create something special for someone else.

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