Local Entrepreneur Jamie Brackenrich Opens Align Neurology Clinic in Roanoke, Offering Relief from Headaches

Nurse Practitioner to Launch Specialized Headache Clinic

A new medical practice, Align Neurology, is set to open its doors in Roanoke next month. Family nurse practitioner Jamie Brackenrich will be at the helm of the clinic, which aims to provide relief from headaches. With her own experience of dealing with migraines triggered by chocolate and peanut butter, Brackenrich hopes to help others gain control over their headaches.

Align Neurology believes that over 20 types of headaches are treatable with a good plan for the patient. The clinic will not accept insurance for office visits but will do so for procedures such as prescriptions and injections. The initial consultation fee will be $250. More information about Align Neurology can be found on their website, alignneurology.com. For further inquiries, contact Jeff Sturgeon at (540) 981-3251 or jeff.sturgeon@roanoke.com.

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