Local Businesses Show Generosity with Donation of 150 Turkeys to Community

In the spirit of giving back and helping others, a group of business owners in Nicholasville have come together three days before Thanksgiving to ensure that everyone has something to be thankful for. The initiative was led by Jacob Warren, who expressed the sentiment that it’s nice to be able to help out those who can’t afford things in the community.

Especially this year, there is an understanding that many people need help. Chris Dedman, another business owner involved in the effort, spoke about his personal background of growing up with financial struggles. Recognizing the current hardship faced by many families, Chris and the other business owners knew that they needed to take action to help alleviate some of the difficulties people are experiencing.

On Monday night, Jacob Warren, Chris Dedman, and Landon Marsh came up with a plan to address the need for assistance. They purchased 150 turkeys with the intention of donating them to anyone who might need one in time for Thanksgiving. Landon Marsh expressed that he was inspired by his family’s tradition of giving back during Christmas, and that he wanted to extend that giving spirit to Thanksgiving, particularly since he has been fortunate enough to have been blessed himself.

In the line to receive a turkey was Carletta Johnson, who admitted that she is currently facing financial hardship. She described being unemployed and waiting on Social Security, but recognized that receiving a turkey would help make her Thanksgiving and her family’s holiday much happier. Carletta expressed her gratitude and emphasized the importance of being grateful for what one has. She has participated in feeding the homeless and knows the importance of giving back and helping others, especially in difficult times.

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